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Register a Candidate Committee

Del Code Title 15 Section 8003. Duties of a candidate.

(a) A candidate shall establish a candidate committee. There shall only be 1 candidate committee for any candidate, although such candidate committee may have subcommittees. The candidate committee may continue in existence for more than 1 election period, and with respect to more than 1 elective office. Each candidate committee or subcommittee shall notify the Commissioner as required under Section 8005 of this title, and shall comply with all the other requirements of this chapter. A candidate shall be responsible for the lawful operation of the candidate's own candidate committee and all subcommittees thereof.

(b) Except for independent expenditures that meet the requirements of this chapter, all contributions to or on behalf of a candidate shall be placed into the candidate committee, and all expenditures to or on behalf of a candidate shall be made from the candidate committee.

(c) A candidate shall cause the candidate's own candidate committee to keep complete records of all contributions received and all expenditures made by or on behalf of the candidate's candidacy, and shall retain such records for 3 full years following the election in which that candidate was a candidate; provided, however, that the candidate need not keep records of the names and mailing addresses of persons making contributions of $100 or less in an election period.


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