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Register a Political Committee

Political Party Registration

"Political party" means an organization eligible to be listed on any general election ballot under Del Code Title 15 Section 3001 , or any other organization which desires to be listed on any ballot on any election, and any constituent part of such party which receives contributions and makes expenditures. For purposes of the contribution limits of subchapter II of this chapter, a "political party" includes all constituent parts of such party, including the statewide, county, regional, municipal and district committees, all finance committees and all other committees, subdivisions and organizations related to the political party. A political party must:

(1) File a statement of organization with the Commissioner no later than 24 hours after it receives any contribution or makes any expenditure that causes the aggregate amount of contributions by or expenditures to such committee to exceed $500 during an election period. The statement of organization shall be filed under penalty of perjury, and shall include the following information:

a. The full name and mailing address of the committee;

b. The full name and mailing address of each of the officers of the committee, one of whom shall be an individual named as its treasurer;

c. A concise statement of the committee's purposes or goals;

Office of the State Election Commissioner
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